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Golf Rain GearGolf Rain GearGolf Rain GearGolf Rain Gear
Golf Rain Gear - The Game Must Go On

Interested in getting a hold of some golf rain gear?  When you’re out playing golf, sometimes you have to just deal with the elements, namely rain.  But who’s to say you can’t keep playing just because it’s a little wet outside?  If you’re the type to want to play through adverse conditions and the weather be damned, you’re going to want to make sure you have adequate golf rain gear to keep you and your equipment shielded from becoming drenched.

To that effect, here is some golf rain gear you may want to look into picking up:

1.  Flex DrizzleStik Golf Bag Umbrellas

Here’s one neat little piece of golf rain gear for you, a golf bag umbrella!  Who would have thought such a thing existed?  Well, these things are long and narrow little umbrellas, they have a long shaft which can be placed into the golf bag much like a golf club, except that at the top of it all is a mini umbrella.
These ones in particular are quite popular, they cost $12.95 - $14.75 depending upon the color you go for, they are available in black, green, navy, pink, red, and the USA red, white and blue flag colors complete with stars.  Each of these colors by the way alternates with the color white to give some contrast.

These are very quick and easy to setup in your golf bag when rain starts up and the quality of it is pretty good.

2.  ProActive Sports EZ-Dri Rain Cover

Here’s another solution for your golf bag, this one is a cover which completely shields your entire golf bag.  It is made of see-through vinyl and has Velcro fasteners.  It’s easy to put on and remove and the material doesn’t tear and stays supple in chilly weather.  The steel zippers on this operate smoothly as well so you can quickly retrieve your clubs and put them away fast. 

It’s best to use this cover with a push/pull golf cart not an electric cart, the reason for this is because it is a bit longer than most other bags and might end up getting worn at the bottom.  This is only $9.99 at Amazon by the way.

3.  Nike Clima-FIT Packable Men’s Golf Rain Suit

If you want golf rain gear that will protect you, check out this jacket and pants combo.  It protects you from wind and rain, is a khaki color with a grey stripe along the chest.  It also has an elastic waist with drawcord on the pants, zip vents at the hem, side slit pockets and adjustable tabs at the cuffs.

This works as advertised, it is light weight material that doesn’t restrict your swing, only thing is it doesn’t provide much warmth so you will need to have enough on underneath.  This combo goes for $100 at the Nike store online.

Now there is other golf rain gear available online and it’s best you search around other online stores looking for it as you might come across something extra that catches your eye.